Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots
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Putting Down Roots

By Yvonne Hartnett

Yvonne uses the analogy of plants putting down roots to help explain the importance of the work of the Comfrey project to it's participants.

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Putting Down Roots

By Yvonne Hartnett

Someone said to me that the Comfrey Project holds people.

This might conjure up different images;

Held in a hug, or in the palm of a hand, maybe it means more desperately clinging on….

But “holding” for what? When and how do we know that a person is ok – who decides?

I think we do more than “holding” – knowing that at some stage, for lots of reasons, our support will end.

If we think of a seedling or a plant – we can look after it – give it water, make sure it has enough warmth and sunlight (maybe it needs to hibernate).

It will put down roots, so that it can get its own nutrients, it will grow leaves, gradually opening up to the sunlight.

We will need to “harden it off”, exposing it to the North East winds, keeping it protected from frost, then moving it around until we find the right place for it to thrive.

And I suppose it is the same with people, except they are not seedlings – maybe a plant displaced.

Comfrey Project participants have already had a lifetime of experiences, and now have to get used to a new place and have the chance to grow stronger, making their own choices and hopefully putting down new roots and thriving.

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