What is Digital Storytelling?

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What we do

Anyone can create a digital story, about any aspect of their life. Digital storytelling gives a platform for voices to be heard, it boosts confidence and creativity and it helps us understand each other.

Here's how you can get involved.

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Participants during the Re:collections project at National Glass Centre, Sunderland


Whether you're a community group or a private company, Curiosity Creative can run a workshop for you and your team, resulting in the creation of your own set of digital stories. We also run workshops which are open for anyone to attend – keep an eye on our events for details.

All our workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the individuals we're working with.

Curiosity Creative has run digital storytelling workshops with a huge range of groups including children and young people, people with dementia, mental health support groups, learning disability support groups and older people.

We also work with private companies and the third sector on team-building projects or the production of stories for stakeholder relations, corporate and training use. Curiosity Creative has also worked with a number of companies to capture their heritage through digital stories of the company histories, told by past and present employees.

We provide all the technical equipment required for workshops and at the end of every project everyone involved produces a personal story they are proud of. The stories can also be added to the North East's digital story archive.

"The group decided where and what we were doing. They were very much involved in all areas."

Community group worker

"I felt happy and positive thinking of good memories."

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Participants learning how to create their digital stories using tablet technology.


We can train you to run your own digital storytelling workshops, from creative ideas and script writing to the technical aspects of recording and editing.

The best way to understand how to run a workshop is to experience one yourself, so all our training sessions result in each person creating their own digital story.

You'll learn how to run your own project and all about the different benefits and uses of digital storytelling – whether you’re interested in working with your community group to learn new skills and build confidence or whether you’re planning to create digital stories with your staff members for corporate use.

Training usually takes place over three to four days which can be all at once or spread out over a time that suits you and your organisation.

We can also offer training on oral history, sound recording or editing.

All equipment will be provided and training sessions can take place at your premises or another venue of your choice.

"It was amazing. I've gone through a whole raft of emotions. I think it’s been a unique personal and professional experience. It's changed the relationship I have with colleagues in a really good way."

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We help communities preserve their memories, stories and photographs for the future


Curiosity Creative acts as the North East's digital story archive, collecting and sharing hundreds of stories about people and places in the region.

We provide a platform for people's voices to be heard and untold stories to be revealed.

You can browse hundreds of stories made by people from the North East, all available in our online archive.

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