Hippy Van

Hippy Van
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Hippy Van

By Nicola and Adam Price

A story of a VW Campervan firmly at the heart of the family.

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Hippy Van

By Nicola and Adam Price

Betty didn’t always look like she does now.

All the way from San Francisco, she was an original hippy straight out of the ’70s. Faded paint, primer, dents front and back, grass growing on the dashboard, and a suspension so high you would get vertigo.

But we had a vision, just like Steve Austin, we can rebuild her.

Shiny red paint, smooth body, new seat covers and curtains, new wheels and suspension dropped in the wheels. We made a plan: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and a little bit of gardening to get rid of the grass. Out came the sewing machine; new curtains and seat covers; she’s looking smart. Off to the bug shop to see Jay, she comes back running smoothly, and just a bit lower.

No money left, but ready for camping. First trip in February - snow! Valentines treat. Not much of a looker, but already fallen in love.

More money saved and Betty has a shiny new coat and some fancy new shoes. She wins a prize: best in show.

It’s eight years later, and she’s part of the family. Me, Nick, Grace, Enzo and Betty. We don’t really fit in Betty anymore, but she’s not going anywhere. We squeeze in, and are living the dream.

She’s made it all the way to Loire in France, had a turn on the Le Mans racetrack, driven up the Champs Elysee, and there’s plenty more to come.

Who knows where she will take us next?

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