I am Couve Galega

I am Couve Galega
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I am Couve Galega

By Belmira Monteiro

Belmira tells us the story of a very special plant that has important nutritional and cultural significance to her life.

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I am Couve Galega

By Belmira Monteiro

My name is couve galega.

I was born in ancient times and after that I spread all over the world including Brazil, Portugal, Africa, Spain and India.

My last travelling was with Belmira from Portugal to England and I love living here because the weather is fresh all the time.

When the snow comes I don’t complain and I resist the snow so I don’t give many leaves, but when the spring comes I feel very happy and I start to give many leaves again.

But the people must pick my leaves from the bottom of my stem as I still give more leaves as they grow from the top. If people don’t pick up my leaves my leaf production reduces.

Also when in summer I love to enjoy time in countries like the UK because in hot countries in the summer I feel very dry and this makes me feel uncomfortable.

But I still survive in hot countries!

I am strong!

I can live for many years.

I am extremely nutritious! I am excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, calcium and magnanate and many more!

I have many health benefits if you eat me including lowering cholesterol, help with the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer and help with digestion

I can be used to make soups, stews, starters, snacks, cakes, salads and with my beautiful flowers you can make nice decorations.

If you pick my leaves from the bottom I still give you leaves for three years, after that before I die I give you lots of seeds because I love you so much.

I thank you Belmira for introducing me to the UK in the garden of the Comfrey Project where wonderful and beautiful people look after me very nice.

Thank you!

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