My Angels

My Angels
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My Angels

By Laura Maddocks

Laura's story is about her first memory of the Angel of the North and how perceptions can change. Happy memories.

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My Angels

By Laura Maddocks

My first memory of the Angel of the North.

I remember hearing my grandparents talking about an Angel coming to the North.

I remember how they weren’t happy, using words like ugly and a waste of money.

As a seven year old girl, at the time I did not understand how an angel could be described as ugly. My knowledge of angels at the time, related to beauty and kindness, or of something pretty you place on top of your Christmas tree.

However, even with their negativity I still remember my Nana and Granddad being keen to take me and my sister to visit the Northern Angel.

I remember feeling small next to her.

I remember running around her huge feet playing tag with my sister.

I remember the smiles on my grandparents faces as they realised the joy this “ugly angel” had brought to me and my sister.

To me the Angel of the North makes me think of happy times spent with family.

She reminds me of my Angels.


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