Sunderland AFC the 8th Wonder

Sunderland AFC the 8th Wonder
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Sunderland AFC the 8th Wonder

By Darren McCabe

Darren tells us about his time going to the game from 1989 to now and his passion for the club.

"Thanks for having me!  Loved it!"

Darren McCabe
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Sunderland AFC the 8th Wonder

By Darren McCabe

It was Tuesday the 6th of September 1989, a young lads life would change forever.

The sense of anticipation overtook my body.  The famous match day tradition would begin.

The butterflies filled my belly, as they still do to this day.

Seeing Roker Park for the first time, it was like looking at the 7th wonder of the world.

The famous Roker Roar over took my body.  It was fantastic.  The traditions with my Dad started that day.  The drive in, pre-match warm up buzz and excitement for the game, the pie and Bovril at half time which was my Dads particular favourite. The highs and lows of the match – although we won that day, 4 -0 vs. York.  I was Buzzing and Dad was happy.

Sunderland then took over my life.  From making full seasons of fixtures and living games out live with my subuteo set. The pre match interviews were a meticulous event, to the post match interviews and analysis.  The FA Cup draw would always be a spectacular; no Sunderland fan would like to miss.  It kept my family occupied for hours watching me, particularly on a Sunday afternoon.

Funny thing was, even Alex Ferguson would have been jealous of that Sunderland team at the time.  12 back-to-back Premier league titles, FA cup and League Cups wins, followed by European domination, Hallelujah!

Everything in my life became Sunderland that day, from bedspreads to curtains to posters on my wall, to making scrapbooks. 

No Matter where I would go Sunderland was in my blood.

Then 15th of August 1997. A new 7th wonder of the world would open.  The Stadium of Light was born. New traditions started.

Visits to Wembley, highs and lows, but most of all, special memories.

Being able to promote Sunderland across the world, making friendships in Africa and being able to share my passion for Sunderland with a young man, Steven, who is an orphan from Zambia.  Taking him to his first game, premiership game against West Brom, he was in heaven.

To now, the 24th of January 2015, a new era’s begun.  My new life and story for Sunderland has started, taking my nephew David for his first game. More traditions, more memories begin today.


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