Tilly and Mitsy’s Express

Tilly and Mitsy’s Express
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Tilly and Mitsy’s Express

By Molly Forrest

Molly loves animals and her story is about her new puppy, Tilly.

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Tilly and Mitsy’s Express

By Molly Forrest

So Molly can you describe Tilly to me?

Tilly has a black, two black bits on her face and had goldey brown eyebrows and goldeybrown on her chin. She’s got a dog tail and its black and Tilly has a black leg with a goldey brown foot. 

How did you get Tilly?

I was at the shop and I picked her.

Did you get her for a particular reason? 

My birthday

How old are you? 

And you’re going to be


Was it a surprise when you got her? 


Is she cute?


How big is she at the minute

That size

So about the size of what sort of animal?

A guinea pig, but she’s taller 

Do you think she’ll get bigger than a guinea pig? 


So do you think you’ll spoil her? 


How are you going to spoil her?

Buying her lots of dog things

Like what

Beds and that

And you told me before you were going to get her lots of collars and leads

Yeah I’ve already got her 2 collars and 2 leads

What do they look like?

Ones purple and one collars got like bones on it and that and the lead is pink

So how does it feel having a dog of your own? 


And why is she special to you?

Because I’ve never had, she’s the cutest animal I’ve ever had. I had one guinea pig I called it Gismo and I had a rabbit but it already had a name 

So it’s nice to have an animal of your own 


So your nanna has a dog doesn’t she? 


Can you tell me a little bit about her?

She’s called Mitsy and like she’s cute when she gets off the dog barbers she looks cuter. She comes back she smells like talc, her grandfather is a champion but I think he travels with her family but Mitsy will probably be the one who’s not a champion because my nanna never learned her any tricks the only one she knows is sit down and give me your paw.

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