Loving Every Minute

Loving Every Minute
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Loving Every Minute

By Steve Lambert

A celebration of life through a campervan journey.

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Loving Every Minute

By Steve Lambert

It had to be a special journey to celebrate 25 years of marriage and to reflect this my wife of 25 years we along with my crazy proposal – take a month off work, drive 3500 miles over the Alps and around Italy to see all those fabulous romantic places you see in the movies in a recently purchased campervan.

…”OK” she said…

So in preparation we were given a bag of spares from a VW mechanic who said he had given it to someone who had recently successfully returned from a Portuguese road trip and didn’t use it, so hopefully that lucky omen would carry on.

Being no strangers to camping it seemed a natural choice for us to persue our own destiny and take what life was going to throw at us.

You can see so much more travelling at 50mph through the Tuscan countryside while locals waved and shouted “Bellissimo!” as we passed.

On the road to Sorrento, winding down the mountainside in 35 degree heat, stuck in a horrendous holiday traffic jam, we feared for our air cooled engine, but mercifully didn’t need the tool bag!

We were looking forward to visiting the land which gave me a 35 year love affair with Lambretta scooters, plus the chance to see Venice, Florence, Rome and Pompeii.

Some say to go places on other types of scooter means to get there, but to end your journey on a Lambretta is to arrive in style and that’s just what we were planning to do in our camper.

We kept a travel journal to document our daily events with pictures to look back on. On the inside cover it said…”No one ever said on their death bed that they wished they’d spent more time in the office.” So! Grab you camper and get out there, where ever that may be, whatever your passion and where ever it takes you…remember every minute.

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