New podcast uncovers the Geordie secrets of happiness

New podcast uncovers the Geordie secrets of happiness

New podcast uncovers the Geordie secrets of happiness


A new podcast series is set to put a smile on the faces of people across the North East.

The Geordie Guide to Happiness explores the secrets of happiness, with special guests and interviewees from Newcastle sharing what makes them smile.

Podcast host and creator Alex Henry explains: “We’ll be talking to people who have been born and bred in Newcastle as well as some who have made this city their home, and trying to uncover some of the things that we can all do to get more joy in our lives.”

Some of the questions the podcast will explore include, how do we know when we’re happy? Is happiness about a feeling of euphoria or is it more like a constant state of contentedness? And does our understanding of happiness change as we age?

The podcast also explores what’s special about Newcastle and its surroundings, and how being in the city makes life happier for its residents.

The Geordie Guide to Happiness features interviews with ordinary people who live in Newcastle – like the campervan enthusiast who says that the secret of happiness is being in tune with nature and living a simpler life, and the swimmer who relishes the silence underwater - as well as some special guests who are more well-known.

Alex adds: “It’s fascinating to discover how different people calm their worries and to try and find out whether there are common themes – are there things that bring joy to all of us, no matter how different we are as people?

“Especially now, when life has been so different and strange for us all, we want to spread some Geordie happiness across the city and far beyond and we’d love to hear from people in Newcastle who have happiness tips to share with us all.”

Share your happiness tips and listen to The Geordie Guide to Happiness at, on Twitter at @GeordieGuide, Facebook at @theGeordieGuidetoHappiness and Instagram at @GeordieGuide.


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